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Welcome to the Ruby ‘Osmo’ Girls Foundation (The ROG Foundation), where compassion meets action.

Impacting Lives Through '1 Girl, 1 Sanitary Pad Pack(1G,1P) initiative.

Our Name: A Beacon of Hope

  • Ruby- Ruby is a precious gemstone that is believed to promote love, nurturing, health and compassion.
  • Osmo- This is a slang for menstrual periods used by some girls in a part of the Central Region of Ghana.

We believe that every girl is precious and deserves to be loved, nurtured and ultimately, to be in good health. 

We, therefore, extend love and compassion towards underprivileged young girls by providing them with sanitary pads and educating them on good, hygienic reproductive health practices.

Our story started...


We live in a world where access to sanitary pads remains a luxury for many young girls. The ROG Foundation was born from a deep-rooted concern for the welfare of underprivileged girls and young women.
Shocking reports have revealed the distressing reality that some girls, due to the exorbitant cost of sanitary products, resort to unhygienic alternatives like rags or even worse, are compelled to trade their bodies for money to afford these necessities.
This dire situation sparked a commitment within us to make a tangible difference.
We believe that no girl should miss out on education, compromise her health, or face indignity due to menstrual challenges.

Our Approach: Empowerment in Action

The heartbeat of our efforts lies in our monthly outreach program dubbed, “1 Girl, 1 Sanitary Pad Pack Each Month.” Our dedicated team conducts comprehensive sessions within various communities and schools, designed to educate, empower, and uplift our beneficiaries. Our approach includes educational sessions facilitated by health professionals, interactive Q&A segments, and, most importantly, the donation of sanitary pads.
Beyond the tangible donations, we prioritize personal connections. Through one-on-one interactions, we aim to create safe spaces where girls feel supported, heard, and empowered to manage their reproductive health confidently. Each outreach culminates in a photo session, capturing not just smiles but the essence of hope and resilience in the eyes of our beneficiaries.

Together, We Make a Difference
Our work extends far beyond mere donations; it’s about restoring dignity, creating awareness, and nurturing a generation of empowered young women.
Join us in our journey to make menstrual health a right, not a privilege, for every girl.
Together, we can create…
  • a world where every girl is equipped, empowered, and celebrated.
  • a future where every girl stands tall, empowered by knowledge, dignity, and good health.
our work
Empowering underprivileged girls through comprehensive reproductive health education and access to essential sanitary products.


Our journey has been one of compassion, commitment, and unwavering dedication to transforming the lives of underprivileged girls. Witnessing the struggles faced by young girls—resorting to unhygienic alternatives, missing out on education, and compromising their well-being—ignited a passion within us to make a lasting impact.
From humble beginnings, the ROG Foundation emerged as a beacon of hope for those who faced the harsh reality of inadequate access to sanitary products and reproductive health education.
Through tireless efforts and unwavering support from compassionate individuals and partners, we have held monthly outreach programs under our, “1 Girl, 1 Sanitary Pad Pack Each Month,” initiative, reaching diverse communities and schools. We have been successful at redefining norms, eradicating barriers, and impacting the lives of over 1,000 girls of school-going age through education on menstrual health and hygiene and the provision of menstrual health products in the form of sanitary pads. Our very first outreach was held in the Agbobloshie Market in December 2022. In 2023, we visited 11 schools and held one community outreach in Ekumfi in the Central Region.


The Ruby ‘Osmo’ Girls Foundation consists of members who are very passionate about giving back and committed to driving positive change within the community.

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